Candy Bar Cioccolato

When I was a kid, my mom made us hot chocolate.  Secretly, she wanted it for herself.  She was a chocoholic and was known to place chocolate bars and crescents of banana between slices of white bread to snack on.  My sisters and I (there are 5 others) inherited her addiction.  The flavor of the hot chocolate she made created one of those childhood taste memories you chase forever.  She made it with Hershey’s.  She melted a Hershey’s Chocolate Candy bar in a pan with creamy, whole milk and stirred it slowly so the milk and the chocolate would combine smoothly.  It was chocolate heaven.  Today, my daughter Elly and I canvas the cafes and restaurants of our new hometown city of Portland, Maine, on a quest to discover the perfect cup.   Elly lived in NYC for a while and knows the good spots there.  We both lived in Boston and can tell you where to find the best.  But Portland was strange and dark, uncharted hot chocolate territory.  Where to start…

Candy Bar Cioccolato

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